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Ashtanga yoga Komonlasu Chulee
Ashtanga yoga led class Chulee
Class description

Ashtanga Yoga - There are 2 styles of Ashtanga classes: Led class (the teacher takes a group through the same series at the same time) and Mysore class (students practice by their own pace in the same room without being led by the teacher but teacher provides adjustments or assists in postures)


  • Ashtanga led beginner level 0-1 - a 1-hour class where you will learn the foundation of Ashtanga yoga and begin to practice sun salutations, the standing poses and some sitting forward bends. The class will end with the sitting finishing sequence before relaxation.


  • Ashtanga led beginner level 2 & 3 - a 1 hour 30 mins class. In this class, we will practice sun salutation, the standing poses, and the sitting sequence until Navasana. We will then do back bending and introduce the shoulder stand sequence in level 2 and introduce the headstand in level 3.  


  • Ashtanga led short form -  This class is based on David Swenson’s short classes style. It is a guided class with a shortened sequence. We will do a few sun salutations, 2 versions of Prasarita Padottanasana, 1 version of Paschimottanasana and then a variety of primary series sitting and finishing poses to make the class well balanced. This class is a 1-hour practice that helps you maintain a yoga practice in your busy daily life. It is suitable for beginners.


  • Ashtanga led full primary series - a 1 hour 30 mins class. It is an intense class but beginners who already have taken some Ashtanga or Vinyasa classes and want to challenge themselves are welcome. Modifications will be given to respect the needs of each person.


  • One-to-one practice in a group setting (Mysore style) *Suitable for all levels -  is the traditional way of learning the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, as taught in Mysore, India. In this class, we work with our own breathing rhythm and physical capabilities. The students are allowed to work at their own pace and practice different portions of asana depending on their own level. A student can come to the class, start and finish his practice at any time with the scheduled time (6:30 - 10:00).  Practice sheets are available for those that do not remember the sequence yet. The teacher gives personal advice, teaches how to use props and advice on modified poses to increase strength and flexibility before entering the full poses. This class aims to help students memorize the sequence, have good alignment with the help of hands-on adjustment. It is the perfect way to learn yoga because the teacher pays attention to the postures for which you need improvements. This class offers a highly personalized approach without the cost of a private lesson. 



Yin Yang class - This class is opened to all levels. We will move faster into a dynamic flow with peak sequences but keep attention to alignments then slowdown to yin yoga to calm body and mind.  The teacher mixes balance with standing, sitting, strengthening, hip opening and back bending positions. 



Alignment class - In the alignment classes, you will develop a safer practice and you will learn how to get most of your yoga sessions. These classes are designed for students who want to develop a solid yoga practice. *Suitable for Beginners


Restorative Yoga - An Iyengar restorative yoga practice that will calm and reset your mind. Recommended for all levels. 


Pranayama & Meditation -  This class will learn how to control your breath with the yogi techniques to help you activate the nervous system that some techniques give you more energy and some techniques you will be calm and relax. You will learn also meditation techniques to help you become friends with your monkey mind.

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