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How do I register for a class?

 - The first time coming: Please, send us an e-mail before coming to know your level/experience of yoga, your condition/injuries and which class, day and time you want to come 

 - You will receive a reservation link if you want to continue to practice after the trial class

 - You can book your class via that reservation link


Can I come to a yoga class if I have never done yoga, not flexible, lack of strength or even age over 60? 

 - Yes, you don’t need to be flexible to begin. The teacher will give you personal modifications. Your level or age do not matter. We learn Ashtanga to focus on our inner-self, awareness of breath, movement.  By a regular practice, you will gain flexibility, strength, and endurance. If you are a complete beginner, Mysore classes or Ashtanga led beginner class (level 0) are for you. Mysore class is the most effective way to start because the teacher will work with you independently, giving you new postures progressively, adjust and assist your postures and you can ask questions during the practice.

Why Mysore class last more than 3 hours (6h30-10h00)? 
 - The time schedule has more than 3 hours because students can come and start practice at different times and don't have to be there the entire time. You can discuss with the teacher to determine when is the most suitable time for you.


How long I should practice in Mysore class? 
 - A typical class is about 1 to 1h30.  It depends on you, the amount of asana that you practice and your level. The full primary series is about 1h30, but beginners will practice for 1 hour. When you finish your practice before the official end of class time (10h00), quietly roll up your mat and leave. 


What should I prepare for a class? How I should dress? 
 - Wear comfortable clothes with wich you can move and stretch your body

 - We have a small changing room, please leave valuables at home as much as possible. None of our studios have a shower, please bring your own toiletries and towel

 - You can bring your own yoga mat but there are yoga mats available in the studio also

 - An empty stomach

 - Please avoid perfume

 - An open mind to enjoy the class

How many times per week should I practice?
 - You can practice as often as possible to memorize the series and to gain strength and flexibility (recommended 6 days/week except for moon day). The main benefit of this is that you start to bring the senses and the mind inwards. When taking led yoga classes the mind needs to stay outward, concentrating on the instructions of the teacher. Once you memorize the series you can bring the mind inwards, take your own pace and time to breath and observe the quality of the mind. After that, you can even practice at your home and everywhere you travel. 




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